The Future Belongs To The Curious

Curiosity does not need any propaganda. Every one knows and practices it, sometimes unintentionally. It drives us every day by somehow making each day not so same as the days before. We may think that all the days are just the same, but if I pose the question, you will most surely recall one thing that made any given day unique. Not special, not extra ordinary, but unique. If each day is indeed a gift, then the uniqueness of the day must be the surprise part, because we won’t know how it changed us until we’re well into the future. The same thing that makes us slump due to boredom also sparks the lightening bolt that precedes great ideas. The trick of course, is to keep that spark alive. Curiosity is that little thing in our heads that tells us good things about every thing we see, even if no one else sees it. It makes us want to do things for no apparent reason except for the tiny sliver of satisfaction we get when doing those things while ignoring the troubling knot in our stomachs. Every act of defiant curiosity affects us in the atomic level that it is barely noticeable, but before we know it, it changes us completely. It may not be pleasant all the time,but it changes us always for the better.

I’m a bit late, by about 3 weeks, but my new New Year resolution ? Watching this video first thing every morning.

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