30 Days To Financial Fitness

For many of us, managing money is a chore. We know we have a bit of it here and there and, as long as the pay check keeps coming, there won’t be a need to check the account balance too often. But as any elder will tell you, properly handling money early on will reap huge benefits in the future and in any kind of emergencies such as health issues or accidents. I bet for a lot of people, getting their financial state into a better shape is one their New Year’s resolution.

It is for this reason, the good folks at Good-Challenge have created a 30 day plan to get your financials in order and into ideal condition. Think of this as a boot camp for you money, or more like a boot camp for your money habits. Everyday they provide one doable step that will take you a bit closer to financial stability. Already 15 days have passed since they started which means, there 15 simple but awesome things that you could (actually should) do to improve your financial state. Doing things like creating monthly budgets, getting your credit report and tracking your spending are some of the challenges that have been posted so far and everybody knows that these are essential steps that every one should take. I can’t wait for the rest of their challenges.

Managing money goes beyond just creating a savings account. Because handling money is really a habit, you get good with your money if you develop and stick to good financial habits. Hopefully, this 30 day challenge will help you create and keep up those habits.

See you on the (relatively) richer side.

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