When In Doubt Take Right

The right Vs Left brain debate has been going on for a while and for many of us its personal. It’s a fight between reason and creativity. The right brain says “Do it this way, it’s totally unique and awesome” and the left brain says “That’s inefficient and nonsensical. That is not how it’s supposed to be done“. Then sometimes left brain says, “Do it this way, it’s logical and productive” and the right brain says “Are you fucking serious ? That’s the ugliest thing I have ever seen“. Soon after, they both start screaming for coffee.

Ideally, we’d want a nice balance between these Siamese twins of infinite IQ, but reality is far from that. Although left brain is extremely good at linear reasoning and structures like grammar and formula, without a sophisticated right brain to make trivial and unique connections, functions of left brain become ordinary and mundane. Creating stuff, which is a major plot in our blog, also requires a well-oiled, even dominant right-brain. You see where all this is going, right?

Found this inspiring Manifesto at Right Brain Terrain for both stimulating the right-brain and creating stuff. It inspired me enough to a point that I figured I can’t do justice for the manifesto by typing it. So I wrote them.

I want to make 3 things absolutely clear here:
1. Yes, I shamelessly stole from Frederic Terral’s Manifesto
2. Yes, I am very proud of it.
3. Yes, I am truly sorry for my awful hand writing. Could not find a good pen and I ended up writing with a felt-tip marker!

Ready? Let’s Create.

(I realized that some of you may not be able to read the images properly. If that’s the case, here is the typed version)

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