The Story Of Sweetness – KP’s First Post

Hello all. My name is KP. My name real name is not KP but iseemydestiny has insisted that I cannot use my real name since it violates the blog’s unwritten rule that no real names can be published. I think I should also mention here that the name KP was not my choice either. While I am at it, I shall refute some of iseemydestiny’s claims. Firstly, I never “pestered” him like he mentioned in last post. In fact, he was the one who kept asking me if I wanted to write in your blog. Secondly, I asked him if I can post here only a few times. Thirdly, um, EPA? I don’t know, oops.

Now that I have set the record straight, let me tell you a story about Sweetness.

Sweetness was a cupcake who enjoyed being slathered with sugar and getting layered with multicolored, flavored frosting. Her favorite was raspberry lemon frosting with a pinch of grated cherries. She could not remember her other favorite types of flavors but she didn’t care since, on this particular day, she was all dressed up with raspberry lemon frosting with a pinch of grated cherries. The baker who lived by the corner street placed Sweetness on top of the counter and Sweetness could not be more ecstatic. She could see a lot of people walking around and she could be food for anyone of those. The 70’s style open top mobile bakery outfit allowed the warm breeze from surrounding trees to just caress Sweetness making her entire cupcake body cool down a bit. She had already forgotten the fact that she was just taken out of the hot oven and was enjoying the carefree summer afternoon breeze just like any living delicious soul would do.

Sweetness had never flown before. All her life, which began only few minutes ago, she had been attached at her base to a slippery sheet that was shiny and felt thin. She had seen humans pick up some of her fellow cupcakes and the cupcakes would be airborne for a short time before being placed on a small, round shaped plate. What she was experiencing now was surely different; at least for a cupcake. The scaly claws of the of the bird were clutching Sweetness precariously by her head, and even at her age Sweetness was smart enough to know that she should not look down since she could feel that she was held high in the air. She could hear loud, rumbling noises below her and from the pitch of the sound she guessed they were moving. May be they were some kind of mechanical cages made of hard metal that moved by drinking an exotic liquid that comes from deep ends of the world, she imagined. “These humans and their devices”, she amused to herself. “They seem ingenious”.

The bird had no decency whatsoever, Sweetness thought. He simply landed on a tree branch, with both his feet, which meant Sweetness had to bear a significant portion of the damned creature’s weight on her head. Only when the bird freed its grip on her, did she realize the mortal horror. Her head was all mushed up and the frosting, her beloved raspberry lemon frosting, had been mangled into an unrecognizable goo with the grated cherries looking like blood spatters on a victim at an MMA fight. She had heard one of the cupcakes talk about MMA fights and how blood spatters from the loosing contestant’s face. She was enraged by the bird’s inconsiderate attitude and wished she could teach that stupid ball of feathers some manners. Suddenly she realized that she was not on the branch anymore. She was between the bird’s beak staring down its squeaky throat.

It was the scariest moment in Sweetness’ short but eventful life so far. Even though her outlook on life was large, truth be told, she was a puny little thing. After all she was a cupcake, that too from a mobile bakery. FDA regulations stipulate mobile bakeries cannot use standard size ovens due to safety concerns and mobile bakers make cupcakes like Sweetness intentionally small in their medium-sized ovens so that they can make more of them per batch, thus making more profit. She heard this on the radio today morning while sitting pretty on the table counter at the bakery. She reminisced about those moments fondly. They seem only a short while ago. Given all that has happened since then, she thought she would grade sitting on that counter the best moment of her cupcake life. She had the scariest moment just a few minutes ago when the heartless bird dropped her off of her mouth and she found herself free-falling several feet. The humans must be crazy to measure things with their feet, Sweetness thought while falling frosting first towards a certain demise. ‘Why not measure with their arms, they seem longer’. Thankfully, a short and furry animal caught her right at the last moment before she hit the ground.

The sharp teeth sunk into her soft bread body and the warm, musky air from her captor’s breath nauseated her. Another set of teeth had already pierced what was her head and she could feel crumbs of her body falling from her with every jarring step taken by this stinking animal. She had no idea what kind of beast was holding her in its mouth and it sort of surprised her. For the first time in her life, she did not know something. “I am the smartest cupcake I know”, she thought to herself, “so I am going to name you myself”. Let’s call you –

The animal raised its mouth letting Sweetness slide into its dark, slimy throat. “Hey, look!, It’s a fox.” someone screamed in the distance before the voice faded away. Sweetness exclaimed, to herself, with delightful giddiness, “Oh, it’s a Fox !”.

“I am glad I learned that. It would have killed me if I hadn’t learned that”.

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