A Shining New Light

So, it’s that time of the month again, where the want for typing eludes me for reasons unknown to me. I have thought about this in as many angles as I could but there is no consistent answer. There are no logical reasons that can reliably explain this mysterious and painful ailment that takes hold of my frontal cortex, the part of the brain that reserves the power of reason and decision, and that which drains every single ounce of the internal need to write which, in most days, I find myself filled to brink. Any appreciable left over from that sourceless cup is void of any taste, emotion or even indifference.

From the very beginning of our journey, it is evident from reading some of my earlier blogs, that this inexplicable symptom only befalls me when I am consumed by nothingness. It is not with error, do I mention that, but with certainty that results from assured familiarity. Contrary to what I believed before, I have now come to understand, that it is not work that creates tiredness of the mind, but rather the opposite. More I engage the functions of the body and brain, corners that were previously dark light up in my mind as if they got a surge of brilliant lightning.  Lesser I use the mind, somber does it get and, at least by some theories, the neural alleyways get dark again.

As if by somatic reception, my friend KP, who has been pestering me to allow him to partake in our grand adventure, has upped his efforts. I should say on the outset, KP is most definitely a person with a quirky eye and a curious mind to match. He is not fascinating by most standard measures, but he is interesting in every non-standard way. Ever since he came to know about my blogging ritual, he has been a constant presence in the form of requests to add his words to our beloved site. More recently, his requests have become demands with words and manners getting more dramatic. Coupled with my downturn with the posts, his insistence on authorship for at least a few posts have gained considerable steam. He does have a point.

As of today, by the power vested in me as the head contributor and chief editor of our blog, I have authorized KP to publish his writings through our platform. There were no pre-agreed stipulations at the time of this authorization, except that any stipulation can be added or revoked at the discretion of me or the General Readership Committee. For the record, you and all your fellow readers are members of the General Readership Committee. KP has not revealed any information about the subject matter or the schedule of his productions, but has sworn that he will, in his own words “try to not ruin this blog”. He pledged his vow of allegiance by spilling half a cup of hot coffee on his shoes and then drinking the rest of it.

So with pleasure and a certain degree of hope, join me to welcome KP.

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2 thoughts on “A Shining New Light

  1. Hi Kanth,
    Long since i commented. Personal issues pulled me away and here am back again.
    Belated new year wishes. And keep going Mr. K^2 😀

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