Bannished Words Of 2011

Lake Superior University in Michigan has been doing an amazing work for the last 36 years by identifying and banishing the most overused and useless words from the English language. Of course, over the past three decades or so, they have cast away a ginormous number of words, like the word czar in 2010 and the word gitmo in 2007. We have to accept the fact that every year a whole slew of words get added to the English vocabulary and many of them do end up in print form. Soon those words become the new normal word for whatever they are describing and through over use, wrong usage and an utterance from Lady Gaga these words eventually loose any and all meaning they possessed in the beginning. Here is where, LSU [Lake Superior University] acts as the pet parent for all the word aficionados, if words can be considered as pets. You may ask , why do this anyway ? Well, words occupy our minds and our minds produce ideas which often have impact in real-life. If we want to win the future, in whatever sense you want to imagine it, we need to be able to think with the right words. In the out set these words seem innocent, but they are not. They are like little baby bumps which have the potential to turn into serious melanoma and removing these wasteful words is like zapping cancerous cells with radiation. You may feel bad for the people who came up with these words, even expect some kind of blow back from the political and financial clout some of them have. But we cannot be deterred. These words need to removed and kept at bay for the sake of humanity. We must keep our vigil and not allow these words to re-renter out word stream in any morphed form using some diabolical trickeration. This is a shared sacrifice we must all take part in if we hope to advance as a human race and win the future for our children. We should all take a moment to thank LSU for being our source of courage and enlightenment for this cause over the years and I would personally like to thank you in advance for your moral and possibly financial support for this endearing mission. Thank you.

Umm, also Man Cave.

Here is the list of words from 2011 banished by LSU

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