Last Day Of 2011

Finally, it is today. The year that started with such promise and vigor is at it very last breath. The final day of 2011 is here and for most people it may not be different from most other Saturdays of the year. For others, it’s a day of celebration and partying. It is also a day for looking back at the good stuff 2011 has bought to us.

Without a doubt, my attempt at blogging has been one of the most significant event – or 169 events so far – of this year. When I started I knew it was going to be something hard and, at sometimes, awkward. For all its down sides, I have learned more from this journey than I have done from any other under taking in my life. Of course, there is a long way to go.

I hope you had something that you are proud of this year too. In fact, I am very sure that you had some awesome stuff happen to you during 2011. Congratulations. There is no reason you can’t expect the same from 2012.

Thanks, Good luck and God speed.

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