Technology To Make You A Jedi

Jedis can move objects with their mind. Master Jedi, Yoda, lifts an entire space ship from the middle a swamp and puts it on the shore to teach young Skywalker Jr. about the powers of the mind. Science fiction has illustrated a million or so times that the power of the mind is much more that what we understand today and one of the most enticing among those powers is the ability to manipulate real life objects by just focusing on it. Now real science – the boring cousin of Science Fiction- has come up with a way to make this dream a reality.

Yes, imagine the possibilities. You can change the TV channels without using the remote or lame voice controls. You can make popcorn in the microwave without moving from your couch and even pour some coke into your mouth without holding the can in your hands. All this because of a break through technology being developed at IBM. Yes, IBM – not NASA, not MIT or even GOOGLE, its IBM. You put on a helmet like contraption that reads the Electromagnetic waves emitted by your brain when your brain wants to do stuff, pass those signals through a computer that actually makes the previously mentioned ‘stuff’ happen in real life. It’s like the Star Wars but in its infancy. Currently a person wearing the helmet like contraption can move cube on a computer screen by just thinking about moving the cube shown in the screen. Researchers are hoping to advance the technology further to be able to move asymmetrical objects with possibly irregular edges very soon.

Hopeless snide remarks alone, this is way too cool. Think about driving a car without using the wheel and the pedals. Just think about making a right turn and the car turns. I bet it would make car races more interesting. It’s a safe bet to say that all modes of transportation will be interesting. You’re driving down the highway focusing entirely on the road and suddenly a super sexy red Porsche pulls up next to you. What would happen if your focus from the road breaks for split second? This can get interesting because, in the ensuing exotic car pile up, you and other drivers have the mind power to just move the cars out of each other’s way to avoid the entire accident from happening in the first place. But then, why drive, if you can simply move your cars from one place to another using your mind? I see a short film, then a full length film from Micheal Bay and then a TV series that runs for at least seven original seasons on HBO and then a sh*t load of reruns on TBS.

Ok, I admit; I restored to snide remarks again. In any case, it would be awesome if they can advance this technology in 2012 and somehow get Apple to make a commercial products out of them. This way we get super sleek helmets that can be used to rent ‘My Name Is Earl‘ on iTunes, by just thinking about it. Whao, I just thought about it and it sent a chill down my spine. I wonder if it will happen for episodes from Playboy.

If you were too lazy or inattentive to click on the link I provided earlier, here is the original article from BBC. You may want to read the entire article; they list some real uses for this technology like helping people and stuff.

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