Making Of A Hero

Did you know that there is a manual for becoming a hero? Yeah, there is one. It’s from a guy called Joseph Campbell, an American  author, who has listed the essential twelve steps that make a hero. I figure this is what each and every one of us have been waiting for, since we are all waiting for the secret recipe for Hero-dom. So here they are.

1. The Ordinary World : Living the routine life

2. Call to Adventure : A quest or calling is realized

3. Refusal of Call/Reluctant Hero : Rejecting the potential life mission for self-deprecating reasons

4. Meeting Wise Mentor : Learning something from a source of deep wisdom (probably with white beard)

5. The First Threshold : A major but unexpected test and proves one’s capacity

6. Tests, Allies and Enemies : A progressively hard battery of problems/fights that makes the hero tougher and wiser.

7. Supreme Ordeal : An impossible task or barrier. This is the darkest hour in the hero’s path and possibility of failure is very high.

8. Revisiting the Mentor : Gaining key and potentially mind-blowing knowledge that makes every thing clear.

9. Return with New Knowledge : face the darkest fear/task again with newly gained wisdom/powers

10. Seizing the Sword (or Prize) : Defeat the ultimate villain and possibly capture the damsel’s heart.

11. Resurrection : Realizing the true purpose of the mission and understanding its nobility

12. Return with Elixir : Using the powers/wisdom gained through the last 11 steps  to make life better for every day folks.

I have paraphrased the descriptions from Joseph Campbell’s original list. Here is the link from where I shamelessly stole the main steps.

How many of these steps do you think applies to us in our lives? We can all agree that we have missions in life and there are obstacles in between and there are sources of wisdom. So, to what degree does this list fit our life?

And if it does fit, where do we get stuck? I think its number 3.

What do you think?

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