Caught The Bug

T’is the time for me to get a little bit sick again, it seems. Woke up with a sore throat today morning and as of this writing, there is headache and mild fever. Already popped in my go-to pill for everything – Nyquil. Whoever made those gel tablets abnormally large to the point making them look like mutant ostrich eggs did not really measure the width an average person’s throat. The pills were too large to fit into my windpipe which, in the past, has had no problems pushing down giant pieces of fried chicken. Taking those pills were like swallowing a door knob.

Having established multiple times before that I am kind of a wuss for illness, there won’t be much of any writing today. Instead I’ll leave you with this funny little song made to oppose the SOPA bill, other wise known as Internet censorship bill. Enjoy.