Waiting For Patience

After hours and hours of research I figured out today that lack of patience is a major cause for concern. So many good ideas and plans go unfinished simply because of expecting results instantly. Once a strategy has been conceived and put into action, it takes a while for the changes to take effect and to see any kind of meaningful results. Rushing through the process and expecting the results to be instantaneous only makes the problem worse because not only have you not proved your solution to the problem, you have discarded it prematurely and you now need a new and different solution to the problem. Failure has occurred and nothing was learned. That’s the worst kind of failure.

The problem I see with being patience is that it requires too much commitment and self-belief. You have to believe that whatever it is that you’re doing, you are doing it right and commit to it totally so that you are consistently doing it. Commitment and Self-belief; two of the rarest items that can be found on earth. I am yet to visit a place where they are found in more than trace amounts.

It seems like such an unattractive thing too. When you are doing something, at least you are doing something. When you are being patient, you are not doing anything. It’s the quiet confidence that the results will show up later makes you believe in your ideas and be patient. That really seems odd to me. May be its the impatience talking.

The end of the year is close by and it is the time for many of us to go through the timeless ritual of resolution making. Last year I made 3 resolutions and followed through on all of them. The trick is to make them really easy. I decided to play video games, take the stairs as much as possible and never to pass up a chance to eat cake. As of today, I have kept my resolutions for this year.

That said, there were numerous side projects I began this year that did not see the finish line. They include reading, writing, watching, drawing, fighting and, oddly enough, hanging – upside down that is. Actually I accomplished that last one when I went to The Royal Gorge in Denver, Colorado. But for others, I think I picked up too many things and then kept changing my approach to make results come faster. May be by being more patient, I would have completed some of those tasks. I am 100% sure that I am at least 70% right.

May be this year I should practice patience.

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