Post Number 150 !!

That’s right.

The totally unanticipated one hundred and fiftieth post of our grand adventure is here. This is insane.

Its more than insane. I will admit – this is one of the most proudest things I have done and there haven’t been very many.

As if to dampen the mood, my backup and only hard drive, which has all my files, documents, pictures, and videos died today. For the past 3 years it had valiantly served me against all the abuse I had put it through. Now finally it has given up.

But no worries. Today is the day of happiness.

We started our literary endeavor in May and for the past 7 months we have marched on relentlessly.

Of course, there were few days when there was less relentlessness. 51 days to be exact.

But that’s not important now. Its minor compared to what we still have ahead of us.

We re not even half way through yet.

But I am sure we will get there.

And we will get there together.

For that I thank you all.

Also, for all the comments, support and motivation, I thank you all.

Onwards, we march!!

[Post: 150 of 365] [Days Missed: 51]
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