What Sacres Us?

Why are we afraid to do things even when we know its beneficial to us? It makes sense to avoid something that can harm us in some way, like jumping off a cliff or stepping on a snake. But why do we fear things that can only make things better for us?

Working out is, for all intentions and purposes, a good thing. But somehow many of us put it off often, sometimes even abandoning it completely.

Expanding our social circle opens up incredible opportunities for the betterment of self and others but we always choose to keep quiet when surrounded by strangers instead of opening up for a conversation.

In today’s world, connecting with others is one of the easiest things to do, but we are more closed than before. I don’t even know who lives in the apartment next to me.

I know cooking and eating healthy food will provide long term happiness but when it comes to actually setting out to cook, I avoid it as much as possible. I jump at every chance to eat outside.

Our everyday lives are filled with examples of us making a bad choice over a good one even when knowing well that the bad choice is indeed bad and the good choice is undeniably good. This does not last long of course. Once the choice has been made and executed, the pros and cons of the choices become crystal clear and suddenly hindsight is a perfect 20/20.

If we are all rational beings, then how does this compute? Something inside our minds scares our logical part of the brain enough that we think that the good choice is somehow bad and that the bad choice is actually good. If self-preservation is our core instinct, then fear must act towards it. But in reality, fear convinces us to make the bad choice and there by moving us away from self preservation. It rots us from the inside and makes us stagnant.

So where does that fear come from? What are we really scared of?

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