End Of Vacation

Last day of vacation is always sad.  Right from the morning of the last day, there is a lingering sense of inevitable finality to what is almost always a wonderful vacation. The last part is a bit amazing, in that I have never had a crappy vacation. Sure, some holidays have been better than the others, but overall no single vacation can qualify to be a bad one outright.

This holiday has also come to an end. It was wonderful and it has come to a conclusion. I bid adieu to my friends, whose names, upon their request, shall not be revealed and boarded the plane outbound from San Francisco airport. It was 20 minutes past midnight when I arrived at my apartment in Tempe and, as I type these words, I am completely exhausted and looking forward to falling on to my bed where the sleep fairy will sing heavenly tunes all night.

Good Nacht. (German!!)

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