At The Opera

Day 3 at SFO. Created a bit of history today by going to my first live Opera performance at the San Francisco war memorial opera house. The show, named Carmen, was sung entirely in French with brief English supertitles. In case you did not know what supertitles meant don’t worry. I learned today that supertitles are simply subtitles that are shown above the performance instead of being shown below. It was my first time witnessing an opera so I am not completely sure what to make of it, but one thing for sure. Those actors can sing. Remember all those TV commercials where some opera singer holds a musical note long enough to shatter a wine glass? It’s all true! These performers, men, women and children, are incredibly good at singing in deep voices for a very long time.
Before going to the show, we spent some fun time in Fishermen’s wharf. It’s Mecca for any sea food lover. Also went on an awesome ferry ride which went under the Golden gate bridge and then around the Alcatraz island. Don’t miss this one when you are at SFO next time.
Now, today’s pictures. In order, Clam chowder in bread bowl at Fishermen’s wharf, pimpin ride near the wharf, inside the opera house, opera orchestra and scene from the opera show.

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