Mobile Blogging Is Hard!

Okay. I admit it. Traveling without my laptop was not a good idea. I knew that I had to blog from SFO where I will be for this entire weekend but I falsely imagined that I will be able to replace my laptop with my iPhone for blogging on the road.
Typing on the iPhone is a lot like running on beach sandals. They satisfy most of your needs, but, not all of them. This is especially hard for someone like me who has minimal mobile texting skills to type entire paragraphs on a less than 4 inch screen half of which is covered by the virtual keyboard.
Since I’m traveling this weekend I figured I could just blog about that, but given the difficulty with typing on a Mobile device it’s very hard to keep your train of thought together long enough to finish typing a full sentence and go through all of the auto suggest options from the phone. Honestly it feels like the phone could write an entire blog by itself without human intervention. For example I just typed imtevrntin and it changed it to intervention automatically. I’m telling you guys, soon robots will rule the world and us humans will be relegated to playing angry birds all day.
Anyways to alleviate some of the difficulties of mobile blogging I might use some pictures that I might take during what might be my day. I try to take interesting pictures, most of the time, and its true that a picture is worth a thousand words. So technically my last blog was over four thousand words.
In case you are thinking that I’m taking a short cut I have only one thing to tell you – you are totally right. But look at the bright side; it’s only for two more days.
With that here are few pictures for today. In order, Japanese Tea Garden tower, tea at Japanese Tea garden, Salt and Pepper crab at R & G Lounge, night view of Golden gate bridge.





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