Unhappy Company Sues US Govt

Its Thanks Giving week at the US of A. This is the time of the year when we are supposed to reflect on all the blessings we have received over the course of the past year and express gratitude towards everyone who has brought happiness to us. Given the current economic conditions, domestic and global, the country’s festive mood is a bit dampened. Many people have either lost their jobs or being under worked due to the anemic job market. It’s fair to say that a lot of real Americans are uncertain about their future, and  for them its hard to find many things they could be thankful for.

One such American is Maurice Greenberg who has decided that enough is enough. Greenberg, who is lovingly called by many of his fellow Samaritans as ‘Hank’, has decided to sue the US Govt. for its fiscal and economic policies towards businesses across the country. Hank is suing the government for 25 billion dollars, specifically, for destroying his company by unlawfully giving it over 180 billion dollars of tax payers’ money.

No, you did not read it wrong. Yes, Hank’s company was bailed out from bankruptcy by the US government in 2008 and, according to Hank, that is totally unconstitutional. Oh, Hank’s company is more commonly known as AIG.

Reuters reported today that 86 year old Hank and his lawyer David Boies accused the government of unlawful actions when it stepped in to bail out Wall Street financial institutions which include Goldman Sachs, Citi Group and of course AIG. They have sued that government in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims in Washington, D.C., which handles lawsuits seeking money from the government. It brought that lawsuit on behalf of itself and other AIG shareholders.

David Boies said

“The government’s actions were ostensibly designed to protect the United States economy and rescue the country’s financial system. Although this might be a laudable goal, as a matter of basic law, the ends could not and did not justify the unlawful means employed, The government is not empowered to trample shareholder and property rights even in the midst of a financial emergency.”

You know, news like these really make my day. It says a lot about what kind of people the world has and more importantly what kind of people one is surrounded by. While wealthy jerk-offs like Hank continue with their incredibly douche-y acts, I am reminded of the wonderful people who I meet and interact on a daily basis. Even the worst person I have met in the last 6 months – actually, make that a year – is better than Maurice ‘Hank’ Greenberg. The fact that an average person is way more just and fair than Hank makes the world a better place.

I am definitely thankful for that.

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      1. People get elected to office using the money they get from big corporations. So the govt will always give priority to these corporations. How can we expect the elected officials disrupt their own financial supply ?

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