Mind Control Has Arrived

Oh, you thought it would never happen didn’t you ?

Yes, the technology to control your mind and make you do all kinds of freaky things has been developed, field tested and is ready to be deployed.

You see, things like brand marketing, media sensationalism and subliminal messaging can only do so much brain washing. In today’s world of endless information one needs to get more hardcore than that to truly control people’s minds. Apparently, the answer has been found.

Scientists have long been able to identify parts of the brain that control certain human behavior like impulsiveness, patience, curiosity and other such complex responses to external stimuli. Now they have come up with technology that can suppress or enhance these parts of the brain so as increase or decrease their influence and thereby making you act in certain predictable and, hopefully, humiliating ways on demand.

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A new technology called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation actually allows parts of the brain to be temporarily shut down using blasts of electromagnetic stimulation. There are lots of uses for such power. Using this technology, one can temporarily suppress your impulsiveness so that you can be patient and not succumb to instant gratification. Or, it can be used for people with special needs to increase certain functions like building trust or developing in social skills.

But, if the movie industry has taught us anything, it is that any and all awesome technology will be used, at least eventually, to do bad things. Here are my guesses for top 5 evil things someone can do with this technology.

1. Control your spouse’s mind to bankrupt you

2. Influence your brain to repeatedly identify public restrooms as your house

3. Control your brain to make you buy time shares in Indonesia

4. Actually do Inception

5. Make you believe that Justin Beiber, the Kardashians and the Twilight series are worth anyone’s time.

Note: If you would like to panic, please proceed to do so.

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