Making Time To Learn

There are so many things we don’t know about. There are endless things about which we have no clue. Sure, often times, we pretend to know but if we are honest we know there is so much left to learn. Over the course of the day stuff happens and it makes you wonder ‘wow, there is so much I need to learn’. But then, do we really have that much time to learn all that ?

8 hours of sleep a day, plus 6 hours for brushing, eating, drinking, driving and misc stuff, means you get 10 useful hours on an average day to do meaningful stuff. Which is actually not bad, if you think about it. That’s 70 hours a week. What about the time at work, you ask? Let’s not pretend we are being extremely productive every minute at our day job.

Here are some numbers about the US workforce from a Microsoft Survey.

  • People work an average of 45 hours a week; they consider about 16 of those hours to be unproductive
  • More than half the participants, 61 percent, said they relate their productivity directly to their software (This is not really work. Just because I am on MS-Word, does not mean I am actually doing real work).
  • People spend 5.5 hours each week in meetings; 71 percent feel meetings aren’t productive.
  • 66 percent said they don’t have work-life balance.
  • Workers said they receive an average of 56 e-mail messages per day
  • The most common productivity pitfalls: procrastination, 42 percent; lack of team communication, 39 percent; ineffective meetings, 34 percent.

The numbers are for US employees, but the actual survey includes data from many countries. Hit the link to get the international stats.

I am surprised that procrastination only took 42 percent. I would have guessed a bit more. Somewhere near 60 percent.

Clearly, we don’t use those hours effectively. May be we can use some of those hours to learn some useful stuff.

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