Right Brain, Left Brain And You

Stumbled on this fascinating video today – a YouTube clip that illustrates through animation the relationship between Left and Right side of our brain. Iain McGilchrist, a well-known psychiatrist and author provides us a vivid explanation of the functions executed by the two sides of the brain – not just scientifically, but also in terms of behavior and self-perception. How the interaction between these two powerful forces inside our heads shape our identity as we see ourselves and the way other people see us. By us, I mean our perceived identity; that person that you think you are and you think everyone else thinks you are. Below is the video. (If you can’t see the video click here).

It might be more helpful to watch the video multiple times to grasp McGilchrist’s deep inferences about our perceptions on identity, reason and knowledge. The interplay between the abstract and concrete seems to make us more complicated than we can probably comprehend. The subject is complex as it is.

Thank god for YouTube and animation.

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