Running From Running

I was just sitting around in my apartment watching YouTube videos when out of nowhere I suddenly got the urge to go for a run. This is not totally unprecedented since I get these positive signals from my brain quite often. I am pretty used to these requests from my brain and I have a well-developed system to manage it. Its called ‘ignoring’ it.

What was astonishing about the urge in this particular instance was that I could not ignore it. The more I pretended that it did not exist stronger it grew and it escalated to a point that it became impossible for me to shut it down. So, out of necessity and in utter disbelief, I put on some gym attire and my almost-year-old-but-rarely-used athletic shoe and went out. It wasn’t as freezing outside as the last few nights, but it was still pretty cold. Usually I am strong-willed enough to not even go to the grocery store when the temperature is not the most ideal for my liking, but today something was happening inside me. Something that would not let go of me.

I put on my iPod, plugged in the ear phones and started jogging. In case you don’t know, at that moment when I took the first springing step off of my right foot, I had created a monumental history in my life. This was, for all intentions and purposes, my first ever jog in the natural world. Sure I have run a bit at the gym, back when I was going to the gym. But this is different. This is monumental.

I don’t know how to explain what happened next. Here is a video that shows what happened. It’s an approximation of course and I was wearing a bit more clothes.

I did a few laps of running (or a fast walk if you want to call it that way)  similar to the video and after about 20 minutes, I realized that the world was not still anymore. It was spinning. I am not talking about it from the earth’s geo-rotation perspective, but more like the spinning you see after getting drunk. Car lights became blinding and I was panting like an asthma patient who had just lost his medication and then immediately saw a pack of wild killer dogs chasing towards him. It was dark, so I am not sure if it was pack of killer dogs or just leaves whipped up by the wind. In any case, I figured it was a good idea to go home.

I am discovering new parts in my body as they have begun hurting now. It makes sense for the calf muscles and the entire abdomen area to feel like a war zone, but why does one’s elbow and upper chest have this feeling of tight tingling all because one did a mild jog?

But I do feel accomplished in the fact I too had gone out for a jog. Out in the open for the entire world to see. Sure, it was dark and I was wearing black clothes so it’s very likely that nobody saw me doing it; but come on. I am pretty sure there were some cars being driven around.  I am proud of my run/walking-in-quick-bursts-thing. It’s a feat of remarkable strength and resilience and a clear moment of insanity. It felt good. Not so much now, but it kind of did when I was running.

Do you have something like this that you so wanted to do but you have been putting it off forever? Just do it, already. If I can do a few mad dashes down the block, I am sure you can carry out your long-standing hurdle too.

P.S: Make sure to find an appropriately dramatized video of your activity as well. It makes the whole episode a lot more interesting.

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3 thoughts on “Running From Running

  1. 50 posts? That’s okie, that just means we will have an extended number of days to read your blog 😀 Anyways the video gave me a hearty laugh. If i may ask why don’t you write a post on is trying to please someone is really worth ? (Like you know, you just hate to do it, but the whole world says it expects u to do it). Am taking the privilege of asking, since i like the way you write.

  2. Ravi, I am flattered. Thank you so much for your support and motivation. I am glad my writings provide some value to you. I am not sure if I can meet your expectations regarding the subject you asked as I am trying to figure these things out myself. But I’ll definitely write a post on that topic before the end of this week. Thanks again buddy.

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