We Are About To Be (Almost) Hit By An Asteroid

You know, this might very well be our last day on earth. I am being totally serious here.

Apparently, a large asteroid will make a close pass with earth tomorrow. After years of research, scientists have so far calculated its size to be that of ‘an aircraft carrier’. I know, it’s very hard to wrap your head around such an intricate measurement so an approximation of the asteroid has been provided below.

You should be seeing a huge asteroid here
Asteroid that's about to go really really close to earth

I hope you realize the enormity of the situation. That thing has got missiles and what not.

Even though the scientific community has assured that the asteroid poses no threat to earth, I don’t think it can be taken lightly. These are the same genius scientists who said Y2K would be a problem but that turned out to be a dud. So, may be, just may be, this time they are being over correcting themselves. So for all intentions and purposes, I am considering today my last day on earth. The thing is, I just came to know about it a few hours ago.

Luckily I had a contingency plan in-place anticipating such disastrous event on quick notice. The To-Do list for such an occasion is as follows:
1. Take revenge on enemies
2. Collect all money that people owe me
3. Eat delicious food
4. Clear Internet browsing history
5. Sleep well.

Due to time constraints, I won’t be able to complete points one and two.
Had a wonderful dinner at Copper Kettle – Tempe’s premier Arabic restaurant serving the most authentic and delicious Persian food.

Point 3 – done.

Clearing browsing history now…
Safari – check
Firefox – check
Chrome – check

Point 4 – done.

And finally, point 5. Approaching optimal sleep levels..hold steady now…almost there…just a little bit more.

Remember, in case I did not see you in heaven, I did tell you that you were totally wrong about that thing we talked about and that;s why you are bound for hell.

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