Generation Kill

Just finished watching The HBO miniseries Generation Kill. Its based on the initial days for Iraq War where the story follows a small group of élite First Recon Marines as they enter the very early days of Iraq invasion. The story begins so early, that only at the very last end of the series, the term ‘Operation Iraqi Freedom’ is unveiled.

Like most of the HBO series, this one is thorough, immersive and gritty. It’s not in the epic scale of Band Of Brothers, but it is raw and surprisingly funny for a war series. The characters are genuine and they don’t just linger on-screen. Since real life marines trained the actors during the shooting of the series, the actors paint a very believable portrayal of the characters they are playing. Every detail, every equipment and every verbal command seem true and have a strong sense of purpose and necessity in them.

The funny scenes of the series is something that stood out for me. Given the grim and chaotic state they constantly find themselves, every soldier is trash mouthed and they rarely mince their words. Jokes, brilliant and crude, get traded non stop, but once the firing begins, they snap into action working as a single fearsome force. Once they suppress the hostility they go right back to their riffing state. It almost seems like taking is their substitute for gun fire when they are not in a direct fire fight.

I would love to type more about this series but I am feeling extremely sleepy at this moment. It’s not my usual bed time, but somehow its hard for me to keep my eyelids open. I will tell you this though. Give this miniseries a try. Get it on Netflix or Redbox or some online website. It presents a unique look at war and its complexities and I think you will enjoy it.

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