Great Weekends Are Rare

This weekend went pretty well.

Walked for Breast Cancer on Saturday. I mean, against breast cancer. It’s not like any one would be for breast cancer; any type of cancer really. All forms of cancer need to be stood against. Anyway, I walked 3.5 miles on a Saturday morning for a social cause. Felt pretty proud about myself for doing that too. Rarely in my adult life have I woken up on a Saturday morning before 10 AM and to do it for something that presented no personal gain for me was impressive, if I may say so myself. Met some good strangers, of all ages. I was mostly surprised by diversity among the participants. A few charity groups organized this event, which was kind of clear from the t-shirts everyone was wearing. Since I joined at the last-minute, I did not have one. I just wore a deep red t-shirt, which was the only thing in my closet that came close pink, the official breast cancer color.

Later in the evening, went to the movie Ra-One. I had not watched a Hindi movie in theater in a long, long time, and kind of liked the movie too. It was about video games, which I like. It had above-average-for-Indian-movies graphics, great camera work and a decent story. Apparently, I was among a very few people who liked it since almost everyone else really seem to hate it. The online reviewers give it average marks at best and all of Facebook has rejected it as garbage. Either I have fallen behind the latest movie trend or everyone else is moving too fast.

Later in the night, after the movie, went to the Halloween Bash party in downtown Tempe. Again, this was the first time I had participated in any kind of Halloween related public event. For those of you who don’t know what Halloween is about, It is an American festival where adults wear costumes and then get drunk. The women wear super sexy outfits, like princesses, nurses, officers, aliens, maids and even objects like smart phones and iPods. The common theme is ‘sexy’. I don’t really remember what the men were wearing. Anyway, there was loud thumping music, wild lights and booze. Had great fun with friends and enjoyed Halloween night like never before.

I feel obliged to say here that drinking is bad for your health. Choose wisely.

So, three ‘first-times’ in one day; not bad.

Then on Sunday, despite a hangover, managed to clean up my apartment room, get a hair cut, cook chicken biriyani, which was super delicious by the way, bought groceries and then watched Netflix DVD of the HBO series ‘Generation Kill’, which is pretty good. And managed to post a blog as well.

Like I said, this weekend went pretty well. Pretty, pretty well.

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