A Walk Across A Country

Do you walk often? Do you walk at least once in a while?

How about walking across the United States of America? From east coast to the west?

Twenty three year old Nate Damm recently finished that incredible feat of endurance. He started from Delaware on February 26 of this year and walked all the way down to the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean in San Francisco ending his epic journey on Oct 15 th.

Here is the video of Nate reaching the end of his journey with the glorious Golden Gate bridge in the background.

He says, he does not really know why he did it, except that he wanted to do it. In his website he chronicled his experience as he trekked from one state to another, across the mid-west, through the searing Nevada deserts and soaring Colorado mountains. He has pictures and videos in his website. Check them out.

Of course the inevitable question that one always gets after such an arduous journey is ‘what did he learn ?’

In a recent Huffington Post article, he gives his heart-felt answer filled with great anecdotes and stories about the various people who helped him out throughout the journey. He is genuinely grateful for all those people and talks about how he discovered America now, even though he has lived in the same country for all of his life.

This certainly is an inspiring story for any one who wants to do something beyond their capabilities. This takes extreme physical and emotional strength. Completing the journey is in itself a reward, but as an added bonus, one gets the opportunity to get up close and personal with the world that surrounds him or her, and they may even find their true self along the way.

As I finish writing about an example of overcoming a tenacious challenge, the number ‘47’ below, which is the number of blog posts I missed since our beginning, laughs at me mockingly.

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