What Is Wrong With Normal?

Am I missing something here?

Older people give out all the great advice on living a healthy and satisfied life. People in their 40s and 50s are older than I am so I refer to them as old people, with respect of course. But the point is, all the great insights about life, happiness and satisfaction comes from old people. They say money is not as important as time. They say that we have to take risk and live life on the edge. They say that success is not the prize, but satisfaction is.  They say that relationships are most important. Above all, they say ‘be content’. All of these are great advice.

Here is a problem. Very few of us, young people, actually listen. And I am not sure if there is a reason to listen.

How are we supposed to take risk when the penalty of failure is pain and disappointment for us and our loved ones? When I say risk, I don’t mean the kind that you take when stepping into a roller coaster. I am talking about the life changing ones, like quiting a 10 year engineering job to start a new career in painting. That is fucking scary.

How is one supposed to stay above consumerism when everything around us is geared towards it? If you are graded by the clothes you wear, car you drive and the phone you carry around, where is the social value in living a minimalistic life style. Sure, many years from now this way of life may turn out to be a good thing, but in the age of Facebook, respect is counted in the number of ‘Like’s and ‘Followers’.

If you follow the usual instructions from people above and around you, you get to a safe place. Lots of other people have done it. Why break the line?

What is the incentive for a person to be the best person that they can be, if the only reward is a sense of satisfaction and content when the person reaches old age?

We are mostly surrounded by people who live the right life – the normal life. They go to work, finish tasks, socialize with the right crowd in the right way, earn credit, buy house and make investments, have a family and retire into a semi-secure and entirely predictable life.

Is there something wrong with that picture?

Is it worth aspiring to?

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