Internet Connectivity Is Horrible


Its been two weeks since I moved from my previous apartment, and the Internet situation is still unresolved.

Century Link took a week to setup internet at my new place.

Then found out due to some issue it was dead slow. Took a few days to get that resolved.

Now, the internet speed at the expected level, but the connection gets dropped every minute.

The IP address, for whatever reason, keeps changing every 10 seconds and therefore nothing is loading properly.

Every half an hour or so, the modem decides to play nicely and websites load without any issues.

Then we are back to intermittent service.

I did not expect this from a company that operates in 2011.

Seriously, come on guys. We have to get much better than this.

Oh, how I miss you Cox cable internet!!

Now I have to change the modem itself.

Wish me luck.

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