The Flying Metal Container

Continuing with this week’s ‘Articles on the Internet’ theme, I bring you something special from space.

Yes, space. That place about which we always dream of. The place that is as magical as its ever expansive. The outer space is filled with all kinds of celestial objects, ranging from giant planets to fiery stars and constellations that are as big as our imagination. Not to mention the fabled Black holes and supernovas.  Everyone dreams of visiting the ultimate heavenly abode at least once, and very lucky few get to do it.

Astronaut Colonel Ron Garan is one of the lucky ones. He is also an avid blogger whose recent blog post is a fascinating read. He has an off hand way of saying things that make incredible stuff seem mundane. Like this one,

‘Fountains of sparks flashed as the g-forces built to 4.5 times normal gravity. Then flames, as the window burned black and opaque. This is all entirely normal’

How badass should a man be to call 4.5Gs of force normal?

It is an excerpt from his recent blog post detailing his experience as the Soyuz shuttle, that was carrying him and two other astronauts, returned to Earth after a six month stay in space docked to the International Space Station that is orbiting the earth. In this brilliant post he describes all the mind bending stuff that happens as part of the complex process called orbital re-entry.

Its basically a lay man’s guide for detaching the world’s most expensive giant metal container, also called Soyuz reentry capsule, from an even bigger and more expensive metallic housing with a robotic arm that took more than six countries to build. This is followed by steering of the said expensive metal container into earth’s atmosphere and allowing it to free fall all the way back to the solid rock mass that we call ground. Imagine you are one of those 3 brave men who were strapped and sealed shut inside the metal encasing that is hurdling down earth’s atmosphere in a blazing hot ball of fire.

And he has got pictures. In fact he spent his last day in space tweeting pictures from the ISS. You can follow him in twitter @Astro_Ron.

Read the full article here.

When reading posts like this is when I imagine the potential that is in our hands. We are capable of incredible things. When did we get so encased with trivial things like credit cards, insurance, grades and reality TV?

Life is so f*cking big.

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