Urban Legendary

Have you read this article, which s simply called in online circles as “Wear sunscreen” ? Have you even heard of it?

It is, apparently one of those Internet-Only famous articles which was written a long time ago. According to Wikipedia, the article is an urban legend, and I find it strange that no one I ever knew mentioned it to me. Looks like this thing went viral, before everyone knew what ‘going viral’ meant. The article was so good that it was mistakenly attributed to a famous American novelist and some guy in Australia made a successful song based on this article.

Being who I am, I googled it today and found out all about it and I am presenting it here to enlighten you with a 90’s Internet treasure. You are welcome.

The article was written in 1997 by Mary Schmich in The Chicago Tribune, and I’ll agree with the world wide web, that this is a great article. Schmich gives the text a narrative style, as that of a commencement speech given to a body of students at a college. She begins it by saying that this would be the commencement speech she would like to give if ever asked. That never happened, by the way.

It has some great pointers to life, like, being thankful, and not taking stuff too seriously. Apparently, all of our choices are just half chances. There is no need to panic, if some of them went the wrong way. In the end they all even themselves out.

Here is link to the original article. Its an interesting look at how the future can be, if we so choose it to be. Turns out, its endlessly entertaining, hilariously unpredictable and most important of all, simple to the point of being obvious.

After reading, let me know what you think about the it. Do you think life can be that simple?

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