The Last Last Meal

DO you believe in death sentence? To blunt the impact of this type of justice in people’s minds, the media uses a politically correct term – capital punishment. But it is just penalty of death.

The Troy Davis case has proven clearly, that people have very serious opinion when it comes to death sentence and it does not seem like there will be a resolution to the years long debate of whether legally killing a human being fit within the code of conduct for our so called civilized society. I have my doubts and fears about this type of justice, but this is a very touchy subject for many, and one that cannot be analyzed lightly.

What is straight forward though, is how we agreed to handle people. The whole purpose of attaching the word civilized to our society is to indicate that we would try our very best to always treat everyone with some basic decency, even if they are incarcerated for a severe crime. Though the penitentiary is not the most welcoming place, we have certain guidelines and protocols on how to treat the inmates. One of the most well known custom in the prison world is that any one who is about to be put to death, will be provided for a last meal.

Texas, which holds the highest number of death penalties in the country – 234 and counting-, wants to stop this final act of mercy too. A democratic Senator, John Whitmire, has called for revoking of this privilege to death row inmates. According to The Houston Press, the senator has said ‘Enough is Enough’ and the Texas Criminal Justice Division agreed. They say that, ‘effective immediately’, they are literally taking away the famed ‘last meal’.

I have no idea how this pops up in to any sane person’s mind, let alone a senator. This should not be costing too much money, and for what its worth, it is not going to make the person change their mind before they seriously hurt someone.

The last meal is simply an act of kindness from society to a person who is in the final moments on his or her life. There are many things that one can ask for when they are facing the inescapable death. Of those many things that are possible, we as people, chose food as the last gift to a person because we know its value. Its the thing that makes the world alive. If you strip off all of mankind’s luxuries, like house, car, clothes and art, the only need that remains is food. Food defined the term ‘basic need’. It is the only thing that every living being will put into its body.

I am not sure what this says about us. Denying this final gift, even to the worst offenders among us, does not say anything good about us for sure. If anything, it somehow makes a heinous act, inhuman.

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2 thoughts on “The Last Last Meal

  1. One data is not complete, they are trying to revoke the specialized last meal request but will provide a meal from the jail kitchen.

    I recently read a novel from John Grisham called The Confession,it is about a death penalty case were the convict is innocent. It goes though the different processes a death penalty can be stopped. But what it comes down to is death penalty is very costly affair from state and tax payers point of view, the minimal period from conviction to the execution is 10 years.

    So I feel that a life sentence would solve a lot of problems but it may not solve the affected person or his family’s need for justice. I say this because I currently dont know how I will react or what I will want as justice if some criminal act is performed to me or the people close to me.

    Now my view in the matter of the last meal, this whole issue came up because one person ordered so much food and did not touch it. I think it was his last act of defiance.

    So if I was in the situation of the convict, if I am going to loose my life, it would not change anything if I had a last big meal or not, As I will die before it digests, I am not going to be looking forward for the last meal.

    As a society do we feel happy that justice was served for a crime or do we feel inhuman that the criminal who did it, is not getting a last meal. I dont know.

    1. wow, dude, this comment can be a blog post by itself.

      Yeah, it is complex and arcane system with most of the things done not for a logical reasons, but to satisfy to the sentimental needs of people affected and to satisfy the society’s sense of self-righteousness.

      The thing about life sentence is that fact that we have to spend so much money to just keep someone in prison for decades. Its a complete waste that persons time and our money and it does not serve any real purpose.

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