What Is Your Personality Type?

Do you know what type of a person you are? We all know the phrase ‘personality type’ which often gets attached to people in many contexts including career, relationship and general sociable-ness. In TV you hear ‘ She is not my type’ or some one might say, ‘I am that type of guy’. Apparently these ‘types’ have their own categories, keywords and enough research material on the Internet to flood the continent of Australia.

Having too much time on my plate I was google-ing this thing and turns out, unsurprisingly, that there is a not-at-all obscure questionnaire that one can take to find their personality type. A simple Google search of Myers-Briggs test brings up a big list of websites that provide this free test. Here is top result from the search page.

The website presents you with 72 semi-personal questions with Yes/No as possible answers. There is no “May be” option, which I thought was strange. The questions are sometimes straight forward like ‘’Are you late for appointments often?”, but mostly they are vague to the nth degree. Like this one: “Do you get bored if you have to read theoretical books?”

This is a good candidate for the aforementioned “May be” answer. Its well known that I am not a fan of books, but I might read a book if its funny and interesting. But then I wont read it in a single sitting. I might put it away for a week or a month or more and then get back to it. Does that mean I got bored by it? Like, I said May be. Also, what kind of theory are we talking about here? If its a theory about why theoretical studies are boring, then I might not get bored, simply because of the irony.

You only get to answer Yes/No so I just ended up making snap choices. I figured random must be as good as any thoughtful answer I could come up with. Once you finish all the questions and click submit, you are presented with the results – a page filled with psycho keywords sprayed liberally. You also get a nice abbreviated term to remember your supposed personality type. Its a four alphabet abbreviation, like INTP or ESTJ or ISFJ.

As you may have guessed, the possible letters are I/E, N/S, T/F, P/J, whose permutation results in 16 possible personalities. Each letter indicates a specific trait, like I for Introverted and J for Judicial. J or P will decide if you are judicial or persuasive; Psycho words, I know. They also show you a percentage for each of the characteristic but I am not sure how that would help. Does 11% Intuitive mean anything?

You are also given a rather lengthy description of what the personality type means and how it relates to the real world. This is definitely the most interesting part. I actually went back and forth on this part more than a few times.

I understand these are personal stuff which are best kept personal, so, if you take the test, there is no need to post your type in comment section. But if you feel like it, go ahead; It’s totally fine.
What I am more curious about is how much do you think its accurate? Wikipedia says that one of the authors was a Psychological theorist (first time I am seeing such a title) and I believe it means the there is no scientific proof for this test.

Update: Just for fun, I took the test second time, but made sure to answer the questions honestly as before. It gave me a different personality type this time. But the variation in type quadrant was very slight. So I leave you to make your own conclusions.

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