Under Vacation Withdrawal

Its been more than 24 hours since my return from the epic vacation of all time and I am still reeling from what I call vacation withdrawal. The epic vacation I am talking about is, of course, my week long Hawaii trip which ended yesterday, Sunday Sep.11. The exotic get away started last Saturday and lasted for what has to be the greatest week of vacation I have ever had. Clear blue beaches, sun swept landscapes, cloud crested mountains and the lush greenery found throughout the islands have somehow managed to make me hate the dry deserts of Phoenix even more than I thought it was possible.

For all intentions and purposes Phoenix (most parts of Arizona for that matter) tends to be a place what most people would call practical. The cost of living is not terrible, and there is a steady staple of industries. Its within driving distance of many reputable cities like SFO and Las Vegas and the  weather is mostly accommodating, if you don’t consider the four months of sweltering heat. The only problem I find is, I don’t like it. All my college friends are in other states. All my Arizona friends are married. Outdoor activities that Phoenix has to offer include, and strictly limited to, hiking, hiking and then some hiking. The only redeemable feature of this great cactus filled land is that a bunch of major cities are within a few hours of travelling distance. But then again, none of my college friends are in any of those cities and all my Arizona friends are married.

I am a very adaptable guy and having lived in AZ for more than 3 years now, I am not as resentful of this red state as I was when I first came here. In fact I now know a few good things about this state, such as the winter weather, that act as an advantage over many other parts of the country. But every time I venture out to some other place for a break, I always come back with a burdened heart. Suddenly the good stuff about AZ fade away and only the bad things keep flashing in my mind as I board my plane from wherever back to Phoenix.

This is what I call vacation withdrawal. I experienced a bit milder bout of this syndrome when I cam back recently from India, but this time with Hawaii, I think this is going to be harder than that. For one, I miss those blue beaches. And the fluffy clouds. The snorkeling and food and winding roads and the volcano and more beaches. I miss all of that. In fact I have already spent upto 3 hours since yesterday watching the videos I shot in Hawaii. I suspect I will be spending a few more hours doing that before the syndrome completely recedes.

Since I forgot to take my camera, I could not take any pictures, but once I get the snaps shot by my friends, I will upload them for your viewing pleasure.

Do you have any good techniques to overcome vacation withdrawal?

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