From Offsite: Big Island, Hawaii

In Big Island today. Spent the entire day at Volcanoes National Park to visit one of the most active volcanoes in the world. We were able to see the smoke bellowing from the crater mouth and at night we also saw the smoke turning bright red due the glowing hot molten lava that is currently flowing underneath the surface. Its been one of my long time desires to witness an active volcano and today it came to pass. It was an interesting experience, to say the least. When you look at a beast that has the power reshape the planet at will, you get a lot of perspective on different things in your life.

We came to Big Island from Maui yesterday evening on what must be the smallest plane I have ever flown. It was a tiny Cessana propeller plane that has the max capacity of 11 people, pilot included. The pilot is also the check-in counter guy, baggage moving guy, boarding guy and taking off-flying-and-landing-the-plane guy. Besides the size of the plane, the flight was smooth.

We are boarded up at a house style condo, which is nice, but it only has a narrow Ocean view. The ocean is visible only through a gap of a standard drawer size that is available between farther buildings and trees. But the place by itself is pretty good.

We spent some time on Green beach, which as the name suggests, is simply a gorgeous beach with sand that is green due to the unique crystals of sand found here. The way to get to that beach, is a story of its own and I’ll save it for later.

Tomorrow, I have Canoe-ing and Snorkeling (round 2) planned. This should be fun.

I know I promised pictures, but I am struggling to materialize the means for it. I think I have found a way, so give me just a little bit of time.

I’ll see y’all tomorrow.


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