Blogging From Offsite: Maui, Hawaii (Day II)

Woke up very early today, at 6 AM here at Maui. Today’s agenda was to take a tour of the picturesque Haleakala national park. This is a self guided tour with a small twist. The guide took us to the top of the dormant volcano and then we had to take bikes (bicycles) to ride down the mountain using its snaking roads. The bikes were modified to specifically support this usage – wide disc brakes on the both wheels, gear set to the lowest level and the gear shift was absent.

About 90% of the return trip was downhill and therefore it was not tiring, but it was most definitely a thrilling experience. The two-way traffic roads did not provide bike lanes in all places and the ones that had it were covered with bumps and vegetation. With oncoming traffic being a constant bother, hi-speed turns and negotiating the terrain were challenging and exciting at the same time. It was so exciting, that I actually over shot the destination and rode my bike almost a mile more.

The best part about the ride was, of course, the scenery. I have read and heard about the majesty of Hawaiian mountains, but nothing prepares one for what is presented. Wind swept mountains with their crest covered with clouds and the deep blue ocean surrounding this volcanic land mass is a delicious treat to the eye. We stopped often to take pictures, but also to just stand, look and simply wonder.

About the pics. I remember telling you yesterday that I might be posting some pics, but something happened. Funny story. As it turns out, I forgot to bring my camera. This was clearly a fumble on my part, and I feel bad for it. My buddies who are here with me did not bring a transfer device, like a cable or card reader for their cameras to transfer the pictures to my laptop. I will try to find a card reader or a transfer cable of some sort in one of the stores here, but I cannot say for certain if that is doable considering the tight schedule we have for tomorrow, or if that darned thing is even available here. Fingers crossed.

As soon as I woke up today I noticed that there was a wonderful sunrise outside my hotel balcony. The golden sun was rising over the Pacific ocean and it was magical. I ran into my room to find my camera and that is when I found out that I did forget to bring my camera. Bummer.

In the evening, after the exciting, but tiring, bike ride, we took a dip at the beach for the second day in a row and then came back to the hotel. S’s wife, Mrs.S made delicious dinner – Veg. rice, Lemon rice and Buttermilk rice with Potato curry and chips. With stuffed stomachs, we played few rounds of Uno, Ace, and Sequence. I sucked in all of them, but managed to win a few.

Tomorrow, we will be taking the Road to Hana. As per our calculations and based on traffic predictions, its going to take us the entire day to finish and it will be dark by the time we come back to the hotel. Again, I’ll post pictures if possible.


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