Path To Happiness: Friends

For all the complaining I did in an earlier post, the days that have followed have been extremely generous to me. After a couple of great dinner and lunch at friends’ house last week, today was hatrick day, and, as it turned out, third was grand. Today Vinayagar Chathurthi is being celebrated by Hindus all over the world, and, my dear friend and colleague, B and his wife Mrs.B were kind enough to invite me and my roommate for the festivities. Mrs.B being an excellent cook came out with an absurdly wide variety of dishes – Sambhar, Rasam, Curd, Mor Kozhambu (spicy buttermilk ?!?) where the main players while the supporting cast included classic southern sides such as Potato and Cabbage curry, Vadai, couple types of Kozhukattai (sweet and spicy Indian dumplings), appalam and Payasam to finish off.

Given Mrs.B’s phenomenal culinary skills, the quality of the food remained as delicious as they have ever been, but the most unique factor that made all the difference was the company. Set in their pleasant home, it was a fantastic to spend time with Mr and Mrs.B and their two adorable twin girls. One of them was even smart enough to quip that my roommate’s fully shaven head as “bad”…”Its just bad” – and that’s a direct quote from the 3 year old. It was a truly enjoyable experience. For a bachelor, living away from home, it offers a glimpse at family bliss.

Apart from regularly feeding me, Mr and Mrs.B are also regular subscribers of this blog. Their constant feedback and motivation have had major impact over the blog’s content and they have directly contributed to the success of this blog, as little as it might be.

As always, Much Appreciated.

I had so much food that 3 hours since supper, I am still under food trance. I can feel the food jutting out from the stomach walls and, if my calculations are right, I wont be needing any food for the next 24 hours.

I ate like kumbakarnan today. Now, its time to sleep like him.

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