The Beginning of the End, Begins

As promised yesterday, I woke up at 6 in the morning today, set out to make Indian chai. Three parts water, one part milk, two spoons of loose Lipton Taza Chai and 5 minutes later, I had tea that was as soothing as it was awesome. It was a great start for the morning and I think I will do this for more days to come.

Did you hear about this thing called Brain chips? No, its not the new chip flavor from Frito Lays. It is actually a microprocessor that is capable of almost replicating human brain behavior. Our brain remembers stuff and makes logical decisions by connecting the microscopic neurons that run throughout the brain in complex ways to route signals appropriately. This new chip designed by IBM has the capability to mimic similar behavior. The microprocessor is capable of rewiring the connections within itself depending on the information it receives and there by capable of controlling data flow and decision making without external intervention.

The scientists at IBM have created two of these chips which use this ‘self-aware’ technology called SyNAPSE project. Although this is only the first time such a technology has become functional, researchers say that this is a precursor to systems that are completely autonomous. Seeing huge potential in various ‘high priority’ fields, a branch of US Department Defense (DARPA) has provided funds of $12 Billion for further research.

The next step, of course, is pretty obvious. This research will eventually produce an advanced chip that is capable of making complex decisions based on real time data and it will be incorporated into all defense equipment starting from fighter jets to robots with shoulder mounted nuke launchers. Every thing seems to be working fine, until one day some guy at the pentagon types in a bunch of commands that will enable these machines to take over the entire defense mechanism worldwide. Then he looks at everyone around the room and then looks down at the Enter key, dramatically pauses for a couple of seconds and then moves his index finger down towards the key. Exactly at this moment, an unlikely young hero bursts through the heavily padded security door to stop the guy who is about to press the button. But before the hero stops the guy who is taking an unreasonable amount of time to press the key, the guy ends up pressing the key. Then the screen fades into black with the text “The End Begins” or “Beginning of the End” or some variation to that effect.

Either this, or it might be something like the movie iRobot. Robot kills guy, guys fights robot, guy and robot fight other guys and robots, movie ends ambiguously.

Thankfully we’ll be dead by the time any of this can happen, so no need for concern.

Can you think of any other possible outcomes with the brain chip business?

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3 thoughts on “The Beginning of the End, Begins

  1. That “unlikely young hero” is our Gap10 Vijayakanth..he is only 2.5 lightyears old yet he is very powerful and can do the right leg on the wall and kicking with left leg at such a young age..

  2. lol..i read this and started laughing in the middle of a meeting…
    you are right – he is many light years old but he derives his extra-ordinary power from being severely drunk all the time…a true drunken master

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