Changes Abound

After more than 6 months I cooked a real dish today. I am not talking about baking salmon or boiling veggies, I am talking about a real, properly cooked dish. It had onions, tomatoes, a variety of spices and two types of beans. In retrospect, I think I did set out to cook beans curry and beans curry was exactly what it came out to be. Heated up some floor tortillas and together with the curry, had a nice and proud dinner.

Things have been a bit different since I came back from India. For example, I went to grocery store and bought a whole bunch of fresh and canned veggies with every intention of cooking them within this week. I also bought milk and a box of loose leaf tea so that I can brew Indian style tea every morning before going to work. I am trying to figure out how to incorporate home cooked lunches that I can take to work everyday. Suggestions welcome.

I am also oddly attracted towards Tamil TV programs on the Internets.

I think my short trip to Chennai has awakened me to all these things I have kind of stopped enjoying here. For all I know, and its more likely, that this is temporary and I’ll go back to my old Costco-centered diet soon. But then again, this would be nice for as long as it runs. We’ll see.

In other news, with yesterday’s missed blog post, I have so far failed 30 times since we began back in May. That’s a whole month worth of posts completely missing. The absence I took during the Chennai visit was a major contributor to this deficit but there is no bigger offender than sheer laziness. I have been waking up early for the past few days, so may be I will shift my writing schedule to mornings. That way I would be able to write first thing in the morning and then I don’t have to work through exhaustion later in the night while struggling to find words.

Blogging while enjoying Indian style tea. Sounds brilliant.

I should give that a try.

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