Do You Need Vision To Be A Visionary?

Had delicious home cooked lunch today at the abode of dear friend T and his wife, Mrs.T. The menu included classic south Indian dishes – sambhar, cabbage curry, potato curry and appalam (what is the English term for this?). Much appreciated. This is the second consecutive day for me where I have filled my stomach to capacity. If you remember, yesterday I had the privilege to enjoy some great food at S’s place and following up with this wonderful lunch has made this weekend a serious contender for this year’s Greatest Weekend of the Year award.

Do you have a vision for yourself? I was a reading some article online and somewhere in there the author posited that long term planning is important for everyone and in order to make one’s long term plans one needs to know what their vision of future is. Something like “I want to be an Astronaut” or “I want to become a successful CEO of small/medium/large/Apple-size company” or “I want to become a published author”. This, as you might expect, got me thinking about my own vision for life.

I was not all that surprised to find out that I did not have one. Being an extremely short term focused guy, I rarely think beyond 48 hours. But it is true that one needs to know what direction their life is heading. Since time never stops, we are constantly moving and if we don’t set sails in the right direction then we may not like where we end up. Management gurus say that the right direction is the direction that takes you where you want to go, but this assumes that every one is sure of their destination. What about the people who don’t know where they want to go?

Suppose you are at the airport, standing next to the touch screen ticket kiosks. You have moved through the initial welcome and language selection screens and now you are facing the “select your destination” screen. Some of us don’t know the answer here. My guess is that many people don’t know it. We are always told what we should be doing, by parents, teachers and bosses and more often than not we simply follow the herd and now we are suddenly expected to select the ultimate destination all by ourselves. Moving through the airport, even with complete knowledge, is a hassle these days. Uncertainty with the flight plan is the the last thing anyone needs.

Getting back to the vision thing, it is all about the grand objective right? What is/are the thing(s) that you want to accomplish with your life? The answer to that question will shape your vision.  Objectives. I literally spent a couple hours thinking about ‘objectives’, and nothing came up. Then I fell asleep. I woke up and then watched a movie and after that revisited objectives again. Its a bit fuzzy.
I love to travel. I also like to write. Also, I think its important to help people whenever possible.

“I would travel far and wide, pen my experiences and help as many people as possible along the way”

That looks good. That actually looks pretty good.

What is yours?
(Give it a shot, you can change this later if you want)
(Don’t worry,I checked the rules. It is totally allowed)

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