The Eagle Has Not Landed Yet

May be you have experienced this before, but I am finding it very difficult to return to US mode. I know its been only 2 days since my return from Chennai and I also know that it takes a bit of time to get back into the usual life routine after a trip to home. But its something that is easier to state and much harder to experience.  I am still waking up expecting hot tea from my mom and I still hate the fact that I have to wash my own dishes now. Saddest of all, food. I have no words to explain the gulf between the quality of food I was having just a few days ago and the ones that I have been having since Wednesday. With some effort the gap cam be measured in light years.

I had two double cheese burgers for dinner on the day of my return, thinking that it will prep me for the stomach numbing-ness that lay ahead, but it didn’t. I have returned to my usual Costco brand breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner set and I will not wish this fate for an enemy. Of course I can start cooking again in an effort to resuscitate my taste buds but then again, I could do a lot of things. Its not a case of not having solutions. Its a case of indifference towards oneself and the future in general.

I know this with time this feeling of being separated will pass -my guess is in about a week- and then things will return to normalcy. In all likelihood it will look exactly the same on the outside, but on the inside it makes all the difference. There is also a broader question of purpose and direction that the current situation has raised some questions about, and it needs a clearer mindset to explore. May be some time later.

To make matters worse, Steve Jobs resigned.

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