Defying Time With No Logic

Have you ever thought about time and space with relation to people? There is a vast expansion of space filled with innumerable galaxies, constellations and celestial debris and within that huge haystack is a needle called Milky way and which by definition is home to millions of stars and planets. Among them is this tiny blue planet called Earth where there is super tiny, albeit awesome, guy called Me and in his lap is a miniature computer with tiny keys.

I am at the Sky Harbor International airport in Phoenix, Arizona, and within a span of hours I, as a physical person, will be transported from one geographical location to another within the tiny area of space referred in the above paragraph as Earth. My physical self, head, body and limbs, will make its presence in three continents, four major cities in three different countries. And on top of it, I will be traveling through time as well. When I travel for one hour, I had expended exactly one hour of time. In the same way, I will be traveling today for approximately 23 hours(17 hrs travel + lay off time of about 6), but by the time I land, the time would have actually progressed around 35 hours due to time delay. I would have actually leap frog about 12 hours within the worm hole of time.

Think about it for a while. By physically moving for 23 hours, I am moving 35 hours? I can only account for the every second I spend during my flight time and the lay over, but Its as if I am not existent during the additional 12 hours. Upon further amateurish analysis it gets even complicated. Time is an universally constant unit, but it also speeds up when you travel in the direction of its rotation?

This has to be one of the most profound arguments I have made in our blog.

In any case, I am at the Sky Harbor airport, waiting for my American Airlines flight to Chicago which, I am being told over the PA, is about to begin boarding. I will be connecting my Etihad flight to Abu Dhabi at 8 (CST). Chicago’s O Hare has no free WiFi available, so I wont be able to post from there, but I am planning to write stuff through out the journey and then post them wherever I find Internet connectivity.

This is one of those moments when I really miss not buying a smart phone.

Please don’t sell off my stuff on eBay while I am gone. I’d appreciate it.

Wish me luck, and I shall bring some sweets from Chennai.

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