T Minus 12 Hours To Lift Off

After much delay I finally got the impetus to begin packing for my trip to India tomorrow. Halfway through packing was when I realized that I hadn’t bought any American chocolates yet. Every returning Indian is supposed to bring these chocolates as mandated by long standing tradition. I had also forgotten about my 10 year old nephew; He had given me the much coveted “Greatest Uncle Ever” award last time I visited, but this time the stakes are high to just retain the title since last time I gave him a complete Presidential Motorcade toy set combo which also included the rare security helicopter and the valuable traffic cones. After much deliberation, I have bought him the Bumblebee Camero from Transformers which can also be transformed into a toy robot. Bumblebee comes with two spring loaded missiles that shoot upto 5 feet and there are foot pecks that can hold the finger sized Sam who comes with the box. All around, I think the title is safe with me for now. With such a bad ass toy, the title may even be extended for a couple of years.

Bumblebee with Sam from Transformers
Bumblebee with Sam from Transformers

I got the chocolates and the toy. Looks like I am all set for one of the longest travel on earth. The only thing that has not been sqared away is the state of my, I mean our, blog. When I started the blog, I did say that I will write everyday. But given the logistics involved in writing while traveling and while in Chennai is going to be a tricky proposition. With the time difference in play, I am not even sure if I have to stick with Mountain standard time or switch to local time.

In any case I will try my hardest to post something useful everyday so that we keep our noble crusade on track. Since my family will be in the process of moving from one house to another, finding time is going to be the biggest challenge. I just have to figure out something that is novel and/or hopefully interesting stuff to post.

Any and all ideas are welcome.

See you on the other side of the globe. Ta.

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