The Long Road To India

I am getting ready for my imminent trip to India by not doing anything that one is supposed to do when returning home after more than a year. With less than 48 hours to my flight to Chennai, I have not yet washed my clothes or purchased any gift items. I have not even made any efforts to prepare the suitcase and the things I will be carrying to the Indian subcontinent. Forget going home after a year, I have not even done anything that is required for International travel, like taking printouts of the tickets.

I was not like this before you know. When I was preparing for the same trip in January last year, I was the symbol of astute planning and execution. I had purchased all the gift items for family and friends, weighed and packed them neatly weeks in advance. I even had my suitcases, 2 large ones, packed and ready to go at least two days before departure date. Now with just a day left for flight, I still have not moved the suitcase from storage room. Its weird how things change just over a year.

I will concede to the fact that packing would not be such a tedious task this time since I don’t have any gifts for people this time, and I have very few personal things to carry. I have so few things that I am only taking a single large suitcase instead of the two luggage allowed by Etihad airlines. People seem to be surprised by the fact that I am traveling with such meager luggage and they always tell me that its going to be hard when I return. What about the 15 different masalas, cooking utensils, clothes and other useless things people always carry back from their visit to India? I happen to have a solution.

Just don’t bring them. Simple, isn’t it. I have recently developed this affection towards traveling light and I think I am getting better at it with every trip. I used to carry a truck load of things every time I flew from one place to another for vacation, or whatever, but about 6 months ago I really started to focus on the ‘light’ part of ‘traveling light’, and I have to tell you its a lot fun. There is very minimal packing effort and you have that much less weight to lug around the airport and hotel. Most of the things I carry tend to be useless anyway, like unused chargers and extra pair of shorts.

So for the India trip, I am just carrying one large suitcase and of course the cabin baggage for laptop and similar small stuff. This may impose some trouble on the way back as I am sure my mother will try to stuff the luggage with at least 3 Kilos (6.6 lbs) of basmati rice but I should be able to overcome her persuasive arguments about rice being the healthiest food on the planet. Other than that, I don’t think there is anything that could cause weight of the luggage to exceed the stipulated 23 Kilos.

All said and done, I still have to start packing. There is no smiley for crying face !!

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