Need Lots Of Fewer Words

For a while now I have been trying to write smaller blogs and failing, I am sad to say. Every time I start writing, I make a decision to not go more than a couple hundred words but almost always I end up with a post that is 3 or even 4 times more than that. Some of the feedback I have received regarding the blog have also focused on the length aspect of it and I find myself a bit more conscious of it now more than ever.

The difficult part for me is judgement. At which point does the complete idea of the article dawns to the reader in its entirety is a very tricky thing for me to judge and as a result and I find that I add more words and sentences to elaborate the topic further, which in some cases ends up dragging the post. I do not want to leave an article seem incomplete to you, the readers, which basically results in more words and sentences.

Of course, in some of the articles the length of the blog is justified by its content. Sometimes the words just flow and once completed the sentences fit together nicely. There is a nice rhythm in the text and the length of the article is not a burden but an enhancement in that case. But this is true only in few cases. In many instances, brevity might have helped. More than 70 posts in to our great adventure, its a little unsettling for me that I have not grasped the idea yet.

So today is an attempt to be short.

By the way, what do you think? Do the articles seem to be lengthier than needed? Do you feel that the posts could you use some shortening? Let me know.

BTW, this one has 328 words.

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