Is It Normal To Be Busy With Nothing?

Are you occupied all the time? Do you find yourself doing something and keeping busy during every single waking minute of the day? Then, my question is, What do you do and How do you do it?

See, I find myself doing nothing most of the time. I am almost always at leisure, except when I am at work. At work I am buried with things I am supposed to be buried with, but once I get home, I am completely void of any kind of purpose or action.  Between 7 to 11 pm I am as busy as a stopped clock encased inside a concrete block that has been dropped in to the deepest section of the Pacific. During those hours I am certainly the self-anointed president of the United States of Inaction.

That is not to say that I sit around just peering down the empty void, especially since the empty void only exists in outer space and inside our souls and they both require a great deal of commitment in order to be accessed. I do stuff, but they are meaningless. A majority of the time I idle away is spent on funny online videos from Youtube and Netflix (which is not available for me anymore since I cancelled the streaming option due to Netflix’s price hike). I enjoy all kinds of comic shows I could find on the Internets, from movies, stand ups to improv shows and T.R videos. Other ways I squander my time include untimely naping, video gaming and other insignificant things like taking to friends and family. Based on my rudimentary calculations, I have calculated that the total amount of time I waste on pointless things comes to, approximately, “a lot”. Mind you, this also includes weekends.

I find this excess time not well spent as some sort of a crime I am committing against really busy people- people who often complain that 24 hrs is insufficient. Its like the thing about not wasting food when there are so many starved humans in the world. It feels like I am wasting away precious time that other, more deserving, people could use in a better way. This weekend has been especially guilt ladden since, for the entire two days, I managed to do nothing that had any purpose. I took a work related training from which, I am sad to say, I learned very little. I watched to 3 movies, 2 TV episodes and added 1 new song to my Spotify playlist. I made 3 international calls, each lasting about an hour and still ended up not saying many things that later I thought I should have said. The only thing I did this weekend and feel good about is that, after a long time, I cooked dinner, once.

So, the question I have is, what do you do? Do you also spend most of the time doing nothing or are you always engaged in some activity that has a purpose?

Just to be clear, any time spent watching movies, songs, pictures and clips on your computer is considered worthless. Time spent on TV does not count at all. Doing work related stuff after work hours does count as productive hours, but only if its not due to a looming deadline.
And no, Facebook does not count either.

That is it. This is the question I has been burning me since I woke up today morning.
What do you do worthwhile everyday? After work, before work, on weekends, how much time do you spend in things that makes you feel better? And what are those things?

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