Cure For The Curse Of Infinite Clicks

In yesterday’s post, I departed from our usual style of closing out an article. In each of my post in our blog, I make it a point to arrive at a point in the end, some sort of a summarification of the idea, if you will. As usually is the case, I started out writing about something which veered to something else and then mutated into a completely different third thing which ended up to be central idea of yesterday’s blog. The central idea of yesterday’s blog was PORN. Oh, you missed it? Here, go ahead and read all about PORN and come back here. I’ll wait.

All done. OK. So our goal is to find a reliable little app that can provide us with free PORN – Procured and Organized Readable Network. Essentially an enhanced bookmarking app that must organize bookmarks in a simple, non-cumbersome way, make it available across several of your devices and more importantly must have the capability to capture the content of a given link and store it separately so that even if the original website goes down or it removes the link, we could still use this app to read the content of the said link. It may seem like a tall order for an app but sulk not, as I have found the ultimate panacea. I have scoured the deep ends of the internets, leaving no search tool untouched, no link unclicked and no keyword untried. And finally, here it is.

Imagine this scenario. You are reading an article online at work, but then you remember you have a meeting to attend but you dont want to carry your laptop to the meeting. Imagine that there is a button in the bookmarks toolbar of your browser that says “Read It Later”. You click it, and a small message appears saying “Done”. Then you are in the meeting, bored to the brink of your life. You simply open a little app in you mobile phone and the article you were reading earlier comes up instantly. You read it with peace ignoring everyone else in the room. But before you finish the meeting is over and you get home. You open your home laptop, and pick up the article where you left off. The app also lists all the link that you had bookmarked earlier with even the option of archiving the entire collection if needed. You can literally create your own library of quality digital articles. There is no syncing of links, no need to change between work and home laptops. The app does everything seamlessly and across all of your devices. It has no setup and its very minimal. And its also free.

The app’s name, wait for a it; just a little bit; a bit more; almost there; Here it is. Yes. Are you ready?. I hope so, cuz its here. Here you go. Isn’t this incredibly fun?

Instapaper. There. That is the name of the app. Its a little webapp that has been developed by Marco Ament (you don’t know who he is. I don’t know who he is. Let’s just say he is a dude of great skills). Yep, one guy came up with all the awesomeness mentioned in the earlier paragraph. Its free, so give it a try. Make sure you get the handy little bookmarklet from their website and put it in your bookmarks toolbar. Thanks to Marco, you will never run out of things to read. Ever.

By the way do you like the new black color scheme of the blog? It seemed great when I applied it, but now I am having second thoughts. Let me know what you think of it. Do you think old white color was better?

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