The Curse Of Infinite Clicks

Do you spend time at work reading online articles? One of the many gifts bestowed upon us by the interwebs is that we have a bottomless trove of free stuff to read. It can be about news, religion, technology or even something completely pointless like Golf. Anything your mind desires, its guaranteed that there is a Wikipedia entry or at least a twitter feed (#icantbelieveitsnotinwikipedia) that can give you the instant dose of knowledge high in that subject. Expert authors, real and fake, in both their expertise and authoriness, pour out their knowledge day in and day out. They do it just for the sake of people like you and me so that we the common people can build our intelligence to uncommon heights.

For those of you who scowl at the fact that we are wasting time during working hours by reading non-work related material instead of printing money to the faceless corporate beast, I say, ‘Get back to work you passionless task excreters’. For the rest of us, reading free online stuff is more of an art than a leisurely activity. You can’t just wildly read everything that you stumble upon. That is often the mistake of newbies. Us pros have a nuanced selection criteria to make sure every click leads to a greater degree of wisdom. Each click is important because its potential is enormous. The simple act of clicking a link could open up a rain of data that one can consume in all  digital formats.

But often this rainfall is a torrential downpour that can quickly fill up the brain levies (brevies?). Good articles have lots of reference links strewn throughout their body. And like any good body, they are irresistible. One click and, boom, you are taken to a totally new world of infobits that take a different form and perspective from the original article and its so mesmerizing that you have to finish reading it before you can get back to the original post. But the second sentence of this paragraph holds true for all articles. If this article is at least as good as the original post, then it has to have a good number of reference links of its own. And those links lead to more articles that have even more links. Since you are bound by the laws of curiosity, inquisitiveness and Article III of Joint Resolution of the NATO Security Council you are required to click those links as well. I know what you are thinking, but since the aforementioned Article III has been ratified by The NATO Security Council, it is enforceable even in the uncharted territories of the internet.

See, now you have a problem. The clicks are endless. Page after page, the links keep coming and soon you find yourself drowning in a sea of browser tabs which may lead to the horrifying phenomenon called browser crashing or, if you are using IE, even the unimaginable computer restart. Of course, if you are using IE, then you won’t be able to load more than 5 pages before your museum worthy dial up modem bursts into flames. You can leave now and come back to this article when you have installed Firefox or any other browser that does not take 15 seconds to start up. For the rest of us normal people. we still have a problem.

In the timeless words of a fake-spiderman, ‘..[interwebs] is a gift and a curse’. It giveth us plenty of brilliant articles, but it also overwhelmeth us with too many brilliant articles. Savvy readers if this post, without a doubt, already have a neat solution for this called “Bookmarks’. Indeed “bookmarks have the potential to keep track of and organize all the links that the Lord Webemort throws at you, but its usefulness fades away when you consider the range of devices between which these bookmarks need to be synched and maintained. Then there is the minor issue of content being removed from the original website which would make the bookmark, which is just a link, a dead end. What we need is a tool that can capture, not only the links but also the essential content within those links, have it organized neatly and available everywhere. Essentially, it should support PORN – Procured and Organized Readable Network.

Do you think PORN is essential?

Do you know any application or tool that supports PORN?

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