Need 5 Hour Energy At 4’o Clock

When you people are at your office, on a typical day, do you feel tired and sleepy at around 4 in the afternoon? I mean, its not just exhaustion, its a lot more than that. Everything is going fine and you are being as productive as you usually are, but then suddenly your brain puts on the brakes. As the clock nears 3:45 pm your eyes start to drop a bit and subconsciously you are sulking in your chair. Before you know it your muscles are completely flaccid and your central nervous system goes in to hibernation. You are in a nice transient mood and if it wasn’t for those pesky IM pings and production issues, you would be more than happy to put your feet up and take a nice nap right at your desk.

Although this sedated state is pleasant and all, it can really ruin your day if you have work to do. Granted, if something crucial is going down at work, you are more likely to be on def-con-4 level alert, but when its just routine work that needs to be done, its extremely difficult to keep working once the clock hits 4-ish. This state of mind lasts for 30 to 45 minutes  and after that somehow the mind and the body awaken, on cue, and we are back in action. I am telling you, our body has to be one of the weirdest thing to come out of biological evolution. It does not matter whether its a slow day or a bad day or if I had heavy or light lunch, the afternoon tardiness always hits me like a boxer and for about 30 minutes or so I am knocked out cold, metaphorically speaking.

I have tried many counter-measures to tackle this issue, with mixed results. As soon as I feel like I am crashing, I take a good walk outside my office building for about 10 minutes and it works brilliantly. I always come back to my cube all energized and sparkly. But I often find, that the energy from the walk usually lasts only for about 20 minutes are so and then I am back into hibernation mode. Also, this is may not be the greatest strategy to follow during the Arizona summer, when outside temperature consistently reaches 110 degree Fahrenheit or above. Sometimes I would stop by a colleague’s desk and pretend to be interested in their work but this won’t work if the colleague had already dozed off, which is usually the case. You can’t wake up someone even in the office; It’s just rude. I know you are itching to tell me to get a cup of coffee and I can tell you that I have tried that too. I found out, by real life experience, that coffee has no perceivable effect on my energy levels when I am in the 4’o clock mode. Like I said earlier, its totally weird. The only option I have not yet tried is using some kind of energy bar or a snack that could boost my sugar levels during this period of time. I should look into that.

Meanwhile, what do you guys do when you feel like you are internal CPU is going into sleep mode? Do you have a kick-ass recovery strategy? Share it and make this world a better place for me. I mean for everyone.

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I am on a blog-a-day-for-a-year crusade. Keep me motivated with your comments. Or if you find me sleeping at my desk, please wake me up. Seriously.

For legal reasons, I am required to say, for the record, I never sleep at work. I always work 8 hours a day, everyday without fail and I complete all my tasks on time. All hail my bosses.