My Battle With The Excuse-Man

I have skipped gym for the last two weeks. There, I said it. I have failed my responsibility.

I know this may not make much sense to you but I had made a conscious decision about 2 months back that I will go to the gym every other day without fail. My affair with the workouts have been a a constant on and off thing for many years now, but this time, for reasons revealed later, I told myself, that I would stick to my plan and never give up. I had devised up a number of strategies to make sure I never fell out of the wagon and it actually worked. For almost 5 weeks I did not miss a single session and I was beginning to feel good about myself. A small break in my routine happened due to my Chicago trip last weekend but its not that bad because I actually did a lot walking during that trip which is technically a workout. But what happened after I returned is a sad story. What happened was that I caught a bug when I was at chicago and came back with a sore throat. I felt terrible with the discomfort and being a bit of a wuss I skipped gym for a couple of days after my return. That’s when I inadvertently revived my arch nemesis Excuse-Man.

You see, Excuse-Man and I have had a long and difficult relationship. Whereas I am a man of conviction and progress, Excuse-Man is a beacon of inaction and procrastination. For him nothing is important and he uses his super human power to come up with convincing excuses for not doing anything he does not want me to do. His excuses are so convincing that it takes an incredible amount of will power to overcome and he is excellent in persuasion. He could convince anyone to not do anything. He is indestructible and once he finishes of one person he moves on the next soul worthy of his powers. Of course when I was young (like 2 or 3)  was incredibly active, as swift as the wind and as resilient as a mountain. Seeing me at that age Excuse-Man decided that he had found his match and therefore made me his nemesis. And so until time unknown I and Excuse-Man are locked in this epic battle for eternity where he makes his best attempts to keep me down.

He has only one weakness. Discipline. The more disciplined I am, weaker he gets. Every time I stick to my plan and accomplish something, instead of putting things off, his powers diminish a bit and over time I was able to seriously weaken him. So a couple of weeks back when I had a good string of workouts under my belt, I was able to wither him down significantly much to a point that I was free of his obstructions throughout the time I spent in Chicago. In fact I was able blog from Indianapolis, Chicago and Memphis because Excuse-Man’s powers had been drastically reduced due to my discipline during the weeks prior. Of course, all of that has now become a waste because of me not sticking to my schedule. Worse, I made him a bit more stronger than before since I had used my sore throat as an excuse and nothing rejuvenates Excuse-Man like an self-induced excuse.

But there is hope. I have defeated him before and I can do it again. I have decided and starting tomorrow I will be restarting my gym routine. I will get up from my bed, dress up and leave for the gym. Excuse-Man can tell me all about my cozy bed and how great it would be to get some more sleep by bundling under the warmth of my comforter, but I will not budge. I know it will be hard and will take a lot of will power but nothing worth achieving is easy. It is time he faced my powers. I will unleash so much discipline on Excuse-Man that he won’t be able to excuse himself to the restroom.

Its me vs him. And he is going down.

BTW, you too can defeat your nemesis. Identify your arch enemy and bring that b!tch down.

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I am on a blog-a-day-for-a-year crusade. Keep me motivated with your comments. Or punch me if I miss gym tomorrow.