An Exciting New Phase In Life

There comes a time in everybody’s life when we are at the cusp of a new chapter in our life. These are moments of great excitement and at the same time they are also nerve wrecking. From childhood we always depend on our parents and other to feed us , groom us and nurture as for the supposedly oncoming future and throughout this time we stay within the protective cocoon of our house and the familiar surroundings. But there comes a time, when the future is suddenly at our door step. On the surface it seems like fairly simple thing, but in reality the gulf between now and the future cannot be any larger. Suddenly, you realize for the first time you have made a real decision.

But this is your decision and you can take the responsibility for it. This is the time you have been waiting for your entire life. You always knew that you were capable of making something out of yourself. When you need something so badly, you know you won’t stop until you get it. You know these things because you have done it before. People don’t just arrive at certain places by accident. People create their destiny by tiny little choices over a course of their lifetime. And today you have arrived at the departure gate of your next journey.Looking forward, things are usually murkier at this point. You have some idea of what needs to be done but its not completely clear where the puzzle comes together. There is a whole lot of uncertainty involved here and if there is anything that makes us weak its the treacherous cloud of self-doubt. What if this did not happen as expected? What if that did not turn out the way you thought it would? What if you fail?.

Success and failure are intangible targets. Only a fool can claim to know what they are because so much of the forces that surround us are beyond human comprehension.What may seem like an irrecoverable mistake may very well turn out to be a blessing because that is the nature of the mysterious force called Time. Actions and their results that are out of control have nothing useful to provide us except revealing to us the fact that they are indeed useless. But what you can control is where your future is. As cliched it may be, your future lies within your head, your mind that is. Its a funny creature, our mind. It makes us long for all the great luxuries of life, like money, leisure, fame and gratification that is as limitless as the horizon. But at the same time it also gives us the ability to recognize our potential, our strengths, our goals and our convictions that can move a mountain if need be. The problem is choice. Which one do you choose? The mind is a great servant but a lousy master.

So put your mind to work and you will be amazed at the results. The pressure to be successful and great is always upon us, success is not the destiny. Do not be afraid of failure because there can be no better teacher than real life lessons. Embrace your failures and learn from them. Take the challenges head on and conquer obstacles. Be ready to make decisions with incomplete information because you will never know everything. What you lack in experience you more than make up for it with sheer conviction and an unwavering will. That and the comfort in the knowledge that there are loved ones who stand behind you in every step of the way.

There comes a moment in a man’s life when he has to take the first step into the unknown territory.Take that first step and the territory is yours to claim. Good luck brother.

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