Is It Alright To Punch People Who Constantly Interrupt?

Does this happen to you often? You are talking to a group of people and you are in the middle of a sentence and suddenly someone in the group starts talking. Sometimes they add a few words and sometimes they take it upon themselves to finish the sentence itself for you. Do you get annoyed when they do that? I do. It happens everywhere. In the gym, market, work place and even in the doctor’s office. To be clear, I am not talking about normal people who interject once in while, the type of intrusion that in most cases serves to improve the quality of the conversation. It is those rubber mouthed individuals, who interrupt constantly to the point that they won’t let you finish one single sentence or a story in its entirety, that I cannot stand.

For whatever reason these people find it very important to blurt out anything that comes to their mind, no matter what the other person is saying. They will chime in here, offer a correct pronunciation there but the one thing they will never do is just keep their mouth shut until the other person finishes talking. Its as if they have this uncontrollable impulse to interject, no matter what the context of the topic is. They always seem to think that whatever they want to say takes supreme precedence over everyone else. They are always looking to one-up others. You could be talking about your recently deceased grand parent and they will interrupt you to talk about the time their dog got sick because they fed it uncooked pasta.

The sad thing is that they don’t even notice the interruptions if its done to them. These are the only kind of humans who do not react appropriately when they are treated as bad as they treat others. They probably think that is how every one is supposed to talk. I think their brain simply failed to develop the part that recognizes social norm and as a result they are simply unable to realize that they are acting like they were teleported from the stone age. And this syndrome affects men and women of all age, color and creed. My personal observation is that more beautiful the girl is or higher the position a guy occupies, more is the chance she or he will routinely interrupt other people.

What these people need to realize is that we, the rest of us, are being polite by not drop-kicking these inconsiderate beings every time they interrupt us. Next time they get the urge to open their mouth instead of listening, they should remember that the other person is expressing his/her thoughts and it is incredibly annoying for that person to be stopped mid-sentence. Unless the person is saying something totally wrong or if they are being a douche in general then it is perfectly fine to jump in and steer the conversation onto the right path. But in all other cases,  they should just keep their mouth shut until they get their chance to talk.

Other than employing violent physical altercations, what else can be done about these seriously rude morons?

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